• Integrated Booking System and Access Control
  • Room Occupancy Scheduler
  • MicroPayment System
  • Online payment enabled
  • Reservation communication
  • Invoices and Receipt
  • 1 card for all operation
  • Can integrate with public transport card

Property management system with a differnce!

Unlike most property management system, MQuest's system integrated the access control (and locker) control of a property management system into a single system. This allows guests to be checked in quickly, and provision for auto check in.

Coming soon, we will offer integation with online booking sites so that the rooms and hostels beds can be offered automatically to maximise returns.

Our proprietary Hostel Integrated Platform (HIP) includes:

  • Seamless end-to-end solution to support multiple applications for almost everything a guest needs during stay
  • Smart Card pre-programmed with guests’ profiles and preferences
  • authorizes secure access to rooms, personal lockers and communal facilities
  • automatically illuminates a guest’s assigned pod, ensuring minimal disturbances to other guests
  • membership and activities management
  • post-paid value for purchases