• Intuitive UI
  • Simplify billing process
  • Automate the frequently used functions
  • Seamless integration with ERP Systems
  • Multiple warehouse locations and sublocations
  • Intelligent picking process
  • Pick List management
  • Material master sychnronized with ERP systems
  • OT Scheduling features

Managaing hospital material is often a time-consuming manual process. When the demands of staff time for clinical duties, checking par levels and tracking usage in various supply locations is often of no prority. Therefore, stores are often not well organized nor inventory levels being optimized.

Filling last-minute orders from nurses who have run out of an item also takes time away from more strategic hospital materials management work.

As a leader in supply and material automation, MQuest Inventory Management System offers hospital supply management systems that can dramatically streamline inventory management tasks. Not only improve staff efficiency and lower medical supply inventory costs but also increase revenue through improved charge capture and reimbursement.

  • Automatic material replenishment based on MINMAX setting
  • Eliminate manual recording of material picked and issued
  • Capturing of charge data in all hospital operations
  • Built upon wireless infrastructure to capture data conveniently using mobile scanners
  • Accurate material inventory
  • Efficient and accurate billing cycle
  • Simplified material request, picking and transfer between store and operating theatres