Features -

  • Web based system
  • Able to operate with all car park barriers
  • Can accept both RFID or ISO18092 (NFC)tags
  • Realtime data capturing
  • Reports available in different formats
  • Fully customizable

The MQuest reader can be integrated with various parking barriers. Entry can be based on season or hourly parking rates.

The system accepts both HF and UHF RFID technologies. All major contactless smartcards and UHF tags in the market today. These include ISO 14443 Type A (Mifare), Type B (Including CEPAS compliant EZLINK card used in Singapore) and Sony FeliCa.

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology allows TAG to be read from a longer distance (3 – 6 meters) compared with High Frequency devices (like ISO14443 smart card). This allow the car to enter the parking area faster. The Passive UHF TAG do not need any battery or power supply. It provide ease of use for drivers since they do not need to take out a card to flash/slot/swipe at the reader. The RFID Reader is able to detect the TAG ID when it comes within its RF range. This ID will be checked against the database for entrance validity.