Features -

  • Single or multiple sites management
  • Link with card scanner for capturing user contact
  • Easy steps to issue locker
  • Easy to retreive user information
  • All users data will be stored and shared over a decentralized database. Synchonization to ensure information is up to date
  • Fully customizable

Individual lockers can be fitted with the Smart Access locker system. The system is able to allocate lockers to a single person, or a group of users. For example, lockers can be made available to users from a particular department or a faculty. Locker usage information is captured and can be used to analyze usage patterns.

To facilitate recording of user data, name card or IC can be scanned into the system and a locker card will be issued. All available lockers can be easily viewed and selected.

The system accepts all major contactless smartcards in the market today. These include ISO 14443 Type A (Mifare), Type B (Including CEPAS compliant EZLINK card used in Singapore) and Sony FeliCa.