Features -

  • Web based system
  • Sophiscated control algorithm
  • Facilities management services
  • Easy to deploy
  • Role based access
  • Fully customizable

The Smart Access system features the latest in access control technology. Other than conventional features such as configurable daily access patterns and weekly schedules, floor plan uploading and door hour unlock timings, the system provides functionalities such as creation of roaming domains, open sessions and access based on user timetables. The web based software enables easy configuration of all system functions. Together, these features make Smart Access a robust yet flexible system.

The system accepts all major contactless smartcards in the market today. These include ISO 14443 Type A (Mifare), Type B (Including CEPAS compliant EZLINK card used in Singapore) and Sony FeliCa.

Daily Access Pattern

Divide a day into up to 8 time zones, each with a different access right (Card only, Card + PIN, No Access)

Weekly Access Schedule

Select a different Daily Access Pattern for each day of the week. Each user�s card for a particular door an be tied to a different Weekly Access Schedule, allowing great flexibility in assigning access rights.

Roaming Domains

Group multiple doors and users together as a roaming domain, allowing easy allocation of access rights to large groups of doors and people

Open Sessions

Allow access to selected groups of people only when a location is not being used for other regularly scheduled activities (e.g. lessons)

Facility Booking

Allow access to a room only when a booking has been made in the system. The easy to use grid style booking system allows users to see available slots at a single glance. Settings can be amended to allow for auto-approval of booking requests, or to appoint a system administrator to approve or reject requests.

Office Hour Unlock

Unlocks a door at user defined timings and days in the week. This setting will repeat every week untill deleted from the system. For e.g., the office reception door may be unlocked during office hours only, and require card access at all other times

Door Tasks

Unlock or lock a door at a defined date and duration only.

Special Access Approval

Grant a user temporary access to selected doors. This is especially applicable to temporary visitor cards.