Possible Applications -

  • Cash Registers POS/EPOS
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • POS Systems
  • ATMs
  • Barcode Readers
  • Radar Guns
  • Scales
  • GPS Systems
  • Access Control Panels
  • Any RS-232 devices


The MQV-TVI1 is a small device that integrates CCTV video with transaction information.

Implementing TiVoli minimises shrink and increases profit for retail owners. It is also capable of pin pointing flagged transactions such as VOIDING, REFUND, NO SALES etc. and can be integrated with any machines that can output the transaction information.

For others, it prevent card misuse at security access / time attendance system, prevent cheating at weighing scale and enhanced recorded video with relevant transaction information such as at ATMs, and improve analysis result of recorded video footages.


Dimensions98mm (L) x 103mm (W) x 28mm (H)
Supply Voltage9V - 12V DC
Supply Current200mA
Net Weight480gm
ProtectionReverse Voltage and Over Current
  • COM1 : Compliant to EIA-232 standard, +/- 10V level
  • COM2 : Selectable standard, EIA-232 or EIA-485 or TTL
No of Characters40 Characters per line
No of Lines10
No of Digital Input2 dry contacts or TTL logic level
No of Digital Output2 open collector
Video Input1 Vpp, 75 ohm termination
Video Standard2:1 interlace composite vieo (PAL or NTSC)
Position of Displayed TextAvailable via software or panel programming
Size of Display Text2 selectable via software or panel programming
Intensity of TextProgrammable
Text Scrolling SpeedAdjustable via software or panel programming
Flagged Transactions12 programmable
Display Text BackgroundOn/Off
Blinking Displayed TextYes, wehn received flagged transactions
Pausing of Displayed Text10 seconds (default), timing is programmable