Features -

  • Multigroup photoelectric sensors in real-time monitoring the machine status
  • Precise logical identification
  • Accessible authorized passage
  • Mechanical device, rational gates position, current detection and entrance sensor regulate and protect users from being trapped


A refreshing change to the traditional gate machine with modern ergonomic design, curves and intelligent features. The mechatronics control and drive technology are patented and tested for heavy usage typical in a mass transportation environment. The entrance is controlled by multigroup sensors granting access through selectable gateway, either turnstile, swing or flap gateway.

Different access concept can be deployed and core machine control is separated from the user ticketing system. This allows 3rd party controller to be integrated easily. The system can be used with any time of ticketing system, whether smart phones, smart card, or barcode or magnetic ticket, the machines can be easily adapted.


Dimensions1200mm (L) x 265mm (W) x 1980mm (H)
Weight100 KG
Body Material1.5mm thcik SUS304 Brush Stainless Steel
Framework2.0mm SUS304 Stainless Steel
Electromechnical Unit#45 Steel with Zinc plated
Electromechanical Unit Performance
  • Transmission mode: servo-position drive
  • Safe mode: free passage in case of power failure
  • Power-assist drive: DC brushless motor
  • Gate opening mode: side by side swing for 90°
  • Opening/closing time: 0.4~0.8s(adjustable)
  • Passage width: 600~980mm(900mm above for specialneeds)
  • Gate travel angle: 90°or 180°
  • Gate dimension: 278~480mm (customizable); Standard:278mm
  • Noise:≦52db; gate opening and closing:≦55db
  • Passthrough rate: 40 passages /minute in normally closed mode; 60 passages/minute in normally open mode
  • Driver life: 5 million times
  • Multigroup photoelectric sensors in real-time monitoring the entrance status; precise logical identification; accessible authorized passage Mechanical device, rational gates position, current detection and entrance sensor regulate and protect user from being trapped
  • The system is equipped with stepless position device and the operation process is controlled by sensors without mechanical impact.
  • Digital-controlled (CNC) processing technology, fine surface treatment and corrosion resistance.
  • Easy passage, even with bags or luggage
  • Anti-trailing: security level 2 (See Remarks)
  • Passthrough modes: one or both directions(optional); adjustable passthrough rate; optional operation modes.
  • Orientation pictogram: passage direction indicator
  • Lightning protection and leakage protection
  • Protection functions: anti-pinch, anticollision, antistall, over voltage and over current and powersurge
  • Preventing and warning the illegal operations
  • Standard external electric interface with photoelectric isolation enchance incorporate all kinds of control equipment thus extremely convenient for system integration
  • Remote control and setup
Electrical and operating requirements
  • Power supply: 100V to 240V AC
  • Frequency range: single-phase 50Hz to 60Hz
  • Operating voltage: DC 24V
  • Current: 300mA in standby condition; 4A(maximum operating current)in working condition
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 70°C(-4 to 158°F)
  • Storage temperature: -40 to 80°C(-40 to 176°F)
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95%RH
  • Gate dimension: 278~480mm (customizable); Standard:278mm
  • Standard RS232 port
  • Digital I/O
  • Industrial RS485/CAN BUS (optional)