The MQC-DLU2 Controller has a small footprint that integrates control and power electronics into 1 compact PCB. The controller has been designed to withstand conditions in a rugged environment and can be configured to drive any embedded application

Transaction data is uploaded to the server immediately via TCP/IP. Broadcast information from the server can be transmitted to 256 controllers simultaneously. Constant synchronization between the server and the controller�s clock ensures timestamping is accurate. The controller supports up to 2 units of MQR-AC3 smartcard readers simultaneously (internal and external reader). Connection is via RS232. It also has 8 opto-isolated input ports and 4 output relays, facilitating integration with external systems.


Dimensions143 mm (L) x 84 mm (W) x 15 mm (H)
Supply Voltage12V DC
Supply Current150mA
Memory128KB Flash Memory, 512KB EEPROM
Security1 SAM slot (optional)
  • TCP/IP Port
  • 8 Opto Isolated Input Ports
  • Up to 4 Output Relay Ports
  • 2 RS232 Ports
  • 20 Holiday Periods
  • 8 Office Hour Zones
  • 32 Daily Access Patterns, each with 8 time zones
  • 24 Weekly Access Schedules
  • 20 Door Tasks
  • 5000 User Cards
  • 100 Special Access/Facility Booking Cards
  • 450 Lesson Timings
  • 2500 Lesson Cards
  • 400 Open Sessions
  • 1250 Card Events
  • 2000 Door Events