• Advanced Production Scheduler
  • Parts Control
  • Machine Monitoring
  • Production Management
  • Management Reporting
  • Part Exhaust System
  • Data Management
  • Feeder Management System

AMMS is a powerful real time management sytem for the electronics manufacturin operation. It gives a strong advantage with online information, real time accuracy, transparency and flexibility of operation over the competitors. Adapst to he traditional line as well as cell concept of production. Supports multiple equipment lines utilizing numerous placement machines from differnt mahine makers. Maximise equipment utilization, improves process throughput, reduces defects, srape and rework of boards and procurement of excess materials.

Increases Production Planning Efficiency

  • Scheduling efficiency
  • Planning accuracy
  • Parts management efficiency
  • Production capacity

Increases Productivity and Quality

  • Parts mismount reduced
  • Rework reduction
  • Machine loss time reduction
  • Part exhaust waiting time reduction
  • WIP Inventory accuracy
  • Pickup error data accuracy
  • Knowledge of machine feeder and repair history

Decreases Material and Preparation Cost

  • Inventory accurate
  • Early part exhaust warning reduces down time
  • Part searching time reduced
  • Material on production floor reduced

Decreases Manpower Cost

  • Manpower reduction in planning
  • Material control
  • QA/QC
  • Data gathering man hours reduced