Smartcard Solutions

MQuest has expertise in the major smartcards used in the industry today; including MIFARE, FeliCa and ISO 1443B

Controllers & Terminals

We build our own controllers and terminals, giving us the flexibility to adapt to our customers' needs

Automation Solutions

Our AMMS automation management software helps increase productivity, visibility and accountability in your factory

RFID Solutions

We are the early pioneer in RFID technologies, having implemeted many systems through the years. Whether it is LF, HF or UHF, our engineers are able to help users evaluate the suitability, and most importantly, to know the limitation of the technology. Talk to us to have a better understanding of what RFID is all about.

Automation Control

MQuest has its root in automation technologies since the early days when the region is hub of manufacturing for many MNCs. Our team of electronics and software expert is able to delivery systems and solution specifically to you need inhouse. We provide a 1 stop solution according to your requirement.

Latest Events

IBeam in Batu Pahat, the most happening place in Johor Malaysia, uses the ticketing system and gate control by MQuest. This club has the most technologically advance features in music and lighting to create a truly entertaining experience. See also the most stylist membership card powered together with MQuest membership system.
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Product Highlights

MQuest Locker

The MQuest locker control system provides a hassle free way to manage your organization's lockers without the need for handling physical keys.

With a simple tap of a membership or staff card, users can make use of any available locker without having to draw a key.

MQuest TiVoli MQV-TI1

Introducing TiVoli MQV-TI1, Transaction Integrated Video by Overlay Line Information

By simply connecting to the CCTV and to a machine such as a cash register, ATM, POS, access control reader, weighing scale or any device with data output, the transaction infomation can now be superimposed onto the recorded video, giving you the power to search or analysze the video data easily and accurately.